Court Square Ripley

Focus on… growth

  • Appoint a diverse community group to gather public input and formulate long-term growth plan for the City of Ripley.
  • Invest in high-speed internet to attract young people, retain local talent and grow businesses.
  • Recruit and incentivize anchor businesses developments downtown to spur vital retail, restaurant, and other economic activity.

Focus on… fairness

  • Rebuild and repurpose historic Lauderdale High so our senior citizens and kids have somewhere safe to gather.
  • Provide support for small, minority, women-owned businesses that are historically underutilized in city purchasing.
  • Work with Delta Human Resource Agency to improve and expand supportive services.

Focus on… neighborhoods

  • Invest in Public Works to increase the cleanliness and beautification efforts in neighborhoods across the city.
  • Move services to a customer based approach to make sure the city is meeting the needs of citizens. 
  • Support neighborhood groups with the resources they need to meet the needs of their unique communities.