Ripley will always be my home.

Pam and I both grew up here, raised our kids here, built a business here, and it’s where we plan to spend the rest of our lives. 

For more than 25 years, you let me represent you in the State House. Working together, we got a lot done.

  • We rebuilt the square and the Washington Street corridor with grant dollars secured at the state level.   
  • We provided more opportunities for advanced education and job training by securing a UT-Martin satellite campus and more funding and programs for the Tennessee College of Applied Technology.
  • We kept our hospital open—making sure workers got paid and the community could access quality care—by working with with a coalition of county officials and the private sector.

Despite what we have accomplished, we all know that Ripley needs to do more. The facts are simple: Ripley has fewer citizens, with less money, and less to do than just twelve years ago.  This is not a recipe for growth – it is a recipe for decline.

If we want the next generation to be able to make a living here, we need strong local leaders with a focus on the future.

That’s why I’m running for Mayor. I’m asking for your vote and I’ll work hard to earn it. 

Focus on… growth

  • Appoint a diverse community group to gather public input and formulate long-term growth plan for the City of Ripley.
  • Invest in high-speed internet to attract young people, retain local talent and grow businesses.
  • Recruit and incentivize anchor businesses developments downtown to spur vital retail, restaurant, and other economic activity.

Focus on… fairness

  • Rebuild and repurpose historic Lauderdale High so our senior citizens and kids have somewhere safe to gather.
  • Provide support for small, minority, women-owned businesses that are historically underutilized in city purchasing.
  • Work with Delta Human Resource Agency to improve and expand supportive services.

Focus on… neighborhoods

  • Invest in Public Works to increase the cleanliness and beautification efforts in neighborhoods across the city.
  • Move services to a customer based approach to make sure the city is meeting the needs of citizens. 
  • Support neighborhood groups with the resources they need to meet the needs of their unique communities.